MLM Tips – 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Network Marketing


Have you been in the network marketing industry for a while now but have yet to find any success? Then it’s time to assess the things that you’ve been doing and ask yourself if you’re really following the techniques and training that the company has put in place? Or, are you trying to reinvent the wheel by making up your own system?

You may be working hard and highly dedicated to your endeavor, but are you really putting your efforts towards the things that really matter?

To help you discern what you might be doing wrong, I will share with you the common mistakes that you have to avoid in order to build a successful business.

1. Lack Of Team Spirit

If you lack team spirit, how do you expect to succeed in this industry? The very core of network marketing is to network amongst your team while working cohesively towards the same vision.

Network Marketing is the act of bringing together a group of people for a mutual benefit. It generally answers the question “How can I help?” rather than “What can you do for me?”!

Having a team that you communicate with regularly helps you gain new and fresh ideas about the business and holds you accountable to staying plugged in with the daily activities that will get you closer to your goals.

By communicating with your organization, you’re not only creating the opportunity to inspire your own team; you’re also developing meaningful and valuable relationships with them.

To avoid this common mistake, conduct a weekly group meeting with your team and use this time to assess each other’s performance, provide feedback, give suggestions, and share insights in improving your group’s overall productivity. Keep in mind, that this meeting can be done via a webinar or a team conference call. Ideally, while you don’t want to overwhelm your team with meetings, it will probably do your team well to come together twice a week – once in person with team members in your local area and once over a webinar or conference call.

2. Misleading Prospects Into Attending A Business Opportunity Meeting

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of network marketers who exercise this technique to gain prospective leads. They invite friends over for a seemingly weekend bonding, only to take them to an opportunity meeting without telling them so. What’s worse, their prospects show no interest at all for the business.

“Kidnapping” your potential partners is not the way to go. You are not just wasting their time, you are also wasting yours. Invite prospects that are already aware of your intentions and have expressed interest beforehand.

To avoid this common and deceptive practice, be very clear with your intentions and follow your companies system to inviting your prospects to a meeting. In fact, by being transparent with your intentions, not only will you save a tremendous amount of time, but you’ll attract a higher quality prospect as well.

3. Lack Of Focus In The Industry

Most people are switching from one company to another in hopes of landing that one business that will make them rich ‘instantly’. Instead of focusing on a single company, they choose to diversify and put all their resources to waste by diverting their attention in multiple different ways.

If you really want to avoid this common practice, I’d suggest focusing on one company that you firmly believe will be the gateway to your success, and give it 100% of your time, energy and effort.

Most businesses take 2-3 years to build successfully, so make a time commitment to give it all you got during that time.  If for any reason, you see that you’re giving 100% but changes or flaws in the company have altered your vision for reaching your goals, then and only then should you begin considering changing over to a new company, where you can be 100% focused again.

Success requires F.O.C.U.S., which simply means Follow One Course Until Successful.  If you know you’ve been jumping around without clear focus, then now is the time to intentionally change this bad habit.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t build multiple streams of income. It’s just smart business to leverage affiliate products and programs to monetize prospects that say ‘no’ to your business opportunity. But when it comes to an actual primary network marketing business, my professional recommendation is to stick with one and build it with all your focus.

4. Disregarding Personal Development

Personal Development is the first step that you must invest in to accomplish success in building your mindset. Although you will be given tons of training, tools and mentors, your success relies in your ability to have the right mindset.

Personal Development is a highly encouraged practice that is enforced on every individual who joins the industry. From the team meetings, to business presentations, you’ll find that Personal Development is the foundation for which nearly all Network Marketing companies are built.

If you disregard and overlook this common practice, expect downfall to follow. If you haven’t enforced it on yourself, then this might be the reason why you’re not thriving on success.

In order for you to move forward, you have to learn the key elements of personal development: mindset, technical knowledge, and leadership. Keep in mind, personal development is a continuous process. It doesn’t end in the four corners of schools and universities that you’ve attended. So spend a great deal of your time constantly feeding yourself with positive reinforcement and surround yourself with successful and motivated people.

Remember, as a leader, your goal is to create a value gap between you and your prospects so that they have a reason to follow you. Without diving into Personal Development, you’ll soon losa any value gap you currently have and your team members will start to look elsewhere for value and leadership.

5. Easily Swayed To Rejection And Negative Outside Influence

Do you know that our warm market can be our worst enemy? Before we proceed to the cold market, it is common practice to share what we know and what we have with the people closest to us, which is generally family and old friends.

Experiencing rejection directly from the very people whom we least expect can be very hard to accept. Not only does it kill the enthusiasm, the negative reaction can also create self-doubt—especially for beginners.

You may not control what other people will tell you or how they will react, but you can control your response to it. Prepare for them by equipping yourself with optimistic viewpoints all the time, and educate yourself on the multiple ways to deal with rejection.

It’s important that you keep the right perspective at all time. Personally, I never take rejection personal and you shouldn’t either. We’ve all heard the saying before – it’s business not personal. Remember that as you build your business. If your uncle says ‘no’ to your business, he can still be your uncle. If you’re brother says ‘no’ to your business, he can still be your brother. To be frank, this is the reason why I use Attraction Marketing in my business. I only want to deal with people who want to work with me and I don’t need to ‘chase’ anyone.

Remember, no one can steal your dreams and enthusiasm from you unless you let them. Network Marketing is a phenomenal industry but you need to avoid the mistakes above so you can significantly increase your chances of success.

To Your Success,

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