MLM Training – 3 Basic Tips That Will Help You Generate Leads Using Attraction Marketing

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

If you’ve been marketing online for any period of time, you’ve probably come across the term Attraction Marketing. You may already be applying Attraction Marketing, in one form or another. In this simple article, I’ll give you 3 basic tips you can use right out of the gate, that will help you attract prospects like a magnet.

Before I go into some tips for you, it’s important that I spend a few seconds explaining what Attraction Marketing is, just in case you’ve never heard of it. While this is obviously a very basic explanation of it, Attraction Marketing is basically the idea that you can attract people, or prospects, to you instead of chasing people. Now, you’re probably wondering if this can really be done. The answer is YES, it can be done, and some of the top online marketers are generating 100+ leads a day for their business without chasing or begging people to look at their business.

It’s also important to note that Attraction Marketing can not be done if you’re pitching your business opportunity on the front-end. Shoving your business down people’s throats, especially if they didn’t ask for information, is a guaranteed way to repel people, not attract them. You’ll actually share your opportunity  on the back-end, after a relationship is established and you’ve provided value. If you’re wondering why this works or how this works, I’ll expand on it a little later. For now, let me go into 3 basic tips you can use in your marketing to use Attraction Marketing to generate leads.

First, you need to make sure you’re providing value to the market place. Give of your knowledge freely, so you can directly, or indirectly, help other marketers. The more value you give away, the more attractive you will be. Also, the more value you provide, the more you will brand yourself as an expert. This goes against what most people are taught. Most people do everything in their power to keep their knowledge to themselves. They’re afraid that if they give away what they know, that they will decrease their value in the market place. It doesn’t work that way. Fortunately for you, you can position yourself significantly ahead of your competition if you’re constantly providing value and training to the market place.

Second, allow your personality to come through. The beauty of Attraction Marketing is that you are looking to attract people who can relate to you. Well, the best way to do that is to be yourself. How can you possibly attract people when you’re not being yourself? Believe me, no matter what your personality type is, there are good quality people that will relate to you and want to connect with you.

Third, make sure you tell your story. The one thing that you know for sure that is 100% unique about you is your story. Again, by telling you story, you will find people who will relate to you and, in most cases, they’ll reach out and connect with you. Now, you might be thinking, “Who will want to hear my story? I’ve failed over and over again in this industry…” Well, how many tens of thousands of people do you think have failed a couple of times in this industry? All those people will instantly feel a connection with you and potentially will reach out to you.

Understand, that this is a basic article on Attraction Marketing. But even if you have a basic understanding of Attraction Marketing, you will still stand out from all the people who are pitching and spamming everyone online. Once you’ve applied these concepts to your marketing, you will start to generate leads like a magnet.

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