MLM Training – 4 Tips On How To Train Your Reps The Right Way

When it comes to building your network marketing business, there are many aspects that you need to be aware of if you want to build a productive organization. One of the biggest problems that you might have is duplicating and training your leaders effectively. In most cases, newbie network marketers think they can recruit a handful of people, get into management and somehow, by some miracle, get rich overriding the 3-5 people they have on their team. But building a successful MLM business just doesn’t work like that. In order to see the success you want and to achieve all the goals you have, you need to be able to personally recruit new people consistently and train them the right way. You need to understand, sooner better than later, that you need to personally sponsor many, many people to see major, life-changing success. Of course, if you’re goal is to just make a couple of hundred dollars a month on a part-time basis, then you can do that selling products and maybe recruiting 1 or 2 people a month. However, if you want to build a big organization, build a significant long-term residual income and be in a position where you don’t have to worry about money anymore, you will have to personally sponsor a significant amount of people.

Here’s 4 tips to help you build your business in a more efficient and productive manner:

1. If there was one activity that stands above the rest when it comes to becoming successful in your MLM business, it would be personal sponsoring. In fact, personal sponsoring is so vital to your business, that you should invest 90% of your energy and time proactively engaging in activities that would lead to you sponsoring more people. In most instances, a new personally sponsored rep will solve all your challenges. Whether you’re having a money challenge, activity challenge or attitude challenge, nothing brings more life and excitement to your group than a new excited person. And since your leaders will duplicate what they see you doing, it’s important for them to see what you’re doing to succeed. If they see you recruit, they’ll recruit, and when everyone is recruiting, you get into momentum fast! I know it sound so basic and elementary, but you’ll be shocked at how many people avoid personal sponsoring and wonder why they’re not having success.

2. 9% of your energy and time should be invested in working with your team leaders. Since personal sponsoring is critical to succeeding, it would make sense to invest time teaching people how to sponsor people on a consistent basis. You might want to spend some time teaching them several other skills like how to professionally market, how to be effective on the phone, how to communicate with prospects and how to invite people to events. Of course, your company or team might have systems in place to help train people like conference calls and webinars, so you can gain even more leverage by simply promoting those events and getting your leaders in front of the information.

3. The remaining 1% of your time should be spent on all the other tasks that don’t fit into the first two categories above. Things like communicating with corporate, self development, returning calls and emails, sending out emails to specific people, etc. These things are important and should be done. However, you have to be very careful to not waste the bulk of your time on them since they don’t have a direct effect on building your business, like personal sponsoring developing leaders does.

4. You should spend 0% of your energy and time on fielding technical support and customer support questions. Your company already has departments that handle those issues that are better equipped than you to resolve any of those issues. Simply redirect people to the departments they need to talk to, so that you can stay focused on more important business building activities.

If you’re truly serious about succeeding in your MLM company, make sure you stay focused on the right activities and invest your time in activities that matter. If you get pulled into wasting time on activities that aren’t productive, you’ll have a hard time building your business. However, if you can just stay focused on business building and income generating activities, you can be on your way to building a wildly successful business.


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