MLM Training – 5 Concepts You Need To Internalize In Order To Succeed In Your MLM Business

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

So you’ve just started your network marketing business and you’re ready to start building your team. While you are marketing and exposing people to your company’s opportunity, there are a few concepts that will significantly and dramatically increase your chances of success if you take the time to learn and internalize them. In this article, I’ll share 5 simple, but powerful, concepts that will help you during your journey of building your business.

Before I share those 5 concepts…

I want to cover something that is extremely important. In fact, if you don’t get this, the 5 concepts I‘ll cover will be useless. What I’m talking about is Mindset. While you build your business, there will be many peaks and valleys. For example, you might leave an event and out of sheer excitement, you might call a friend of yours who you want to share your business with, and they just don’t respond with any enthusiasm. Or you may finally sponsor someone who you’ve been following up with for a few weeks, and instead of exploding out of the gate, they do absolutely nothing. Things like this will happen over and over while you’re building your business. It’s at these times that your mindset will come into play. It’s important that you stay excited and positive, and remember your goals. Without the proper mindset, you will have little to no chance of succeeding in your business.

Here are 5 important concepts you need to internalize in order to be successful:

1. Recruit up, but don’t neglect anybody – Identify people you know that already have a thread of success in their background. Those are the people that you need to approach. They have the most credibility and will grow the business faster. Don’t worry if they don’t join, you can always come back to them later when the timing is right.

2. Don’t try to motivate people who aren’t motivated – As a leader, you can provide training, tools and support, but there is no way you can supply desire and motivation.  Find people who are motivated to go after their goals. If you have people that you have to motivate over and over for them to do something, you will never build a secure business.

3. Keep it simple – In order to build a strong and secure business, duplication is extremely critical. However, duplication become impossible when the process and system isn’t simple. The simpler you keep it, the more duplicatable you become and the bigger your business grows.

4. Don’t manage people, just lead by example – Train your leaders and let them go to work. Your leaders will learn 90% of what to do and what not to do, by trying and gaining experience. Micro-managing people will not build your business. Instead, invest your time doing what you want your leaders to do, sponsoring new people and acquiring new customers. By leading by example, you will not only show your team what to do, but you will also have a great attitude.

5. Develop an attitude of action – In order to become successful, you can’t wait for something to happen. Every single day, you need to do something that will get you closer to your goal. If you don’t develop an attitude of action, you will have no chance of succeeding.

In closing…

These 5 concept, when internalized, will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding. Yes, you need to know how to market… Yes, you need to know how to generate leads. But without the proper mindset and outlook, you will only get minimal results with your business.

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