MLM Training – 5 Reasons Why People Quit On Their MLM Business

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

So you’re excited about your network marketing business and the idea of building your own home based business. And while you’re sponsoring people into your business, your problem is you can’t seem to retain anybody. In this article, I’ll go into 5 reasons why people quit so you can identify where people may be falling through the cracks in your business. By identifying where people may be falling through the cracks, you can be conscious of where you may need some work.

First things first, while there are many areas in your business you can work on to influence and increase rep retention, there will be a percentage of people who quit no matter what… and that’s OK. You’d be setting yourself up for failure if you had an unreasonable expectation that every single person will succeed. Why? Because you have no control over someone else’s thoughts, desire, work ethic, intelligence, etc. Think about it: If you opened up a gym, would it be reasonable to think that every single person in your gym would get in shape and get fit? Of course not, you have no idea how disciplined they are or what they do when they leave the gym. For all you know, they may be making a B-line for McDonald’s as soon as they walk through your doors. All you can do is provide training, a winning environment, encouragement and guidance. And it’s the same with your network marketing business. You have no control over who will succeed, but as long as your providing support and training, you’ll be doing your job.

With that said, you can increase retention by identifying reasons why people quit and then working with your reps to avoid these pitfalls. Here are 5 reasons why people quit so you can watch out for them::

1. New reps expect too much too soon – It’s important to let your reps know that network marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a real business opportunity they need to work on and build. Let them know that it takes time to build a solid business that will get them financially independent.

2. They let the rejection and fear of rejection get to them – Let them know that not everyone will join and not everyone will be interested… and that’s OK. Just like a professional baseball player doesn’t have to get hit a home run every time they’re at bat to succeed, they don’t have to get everyone to say “yes” to be successful.

3. They didn’t take the time to identify their reason for building a business – It’s easy to quit when you don’t have specific goals and reasons for building a business. At the same time, it’s harder to give up when you have a burning desire and specific reasons for building a business.

4. They didn’t get any upline support – This one is the easiest to fix since you have total control over the amount of support you will provide. Be accessible and dependable to your team members. While you obviously won’t do everything for them, simply do what you say and always, always, always offer guidance and encouragement when people call you.

5. They didn’t put in the effort – Usually, the reason people don’t put in the effort is they don’t have specific and compelling reasons for building their business (reason #3), or they don’t know what to do (reason #4). Assuming they aren’t lazy, by identifying  their goals and offering training and support, most reps will put in the effort to get what they want out of their business.

Of course, there are many reasons why people fail. But if you can work on these 5 trouble areas, I guarantee you that you will improve your retention.

Jaime Soriano is an Attraction Marketing coach who teaches marketers how to build a profitable business online. To see how you can use the most cutting edge marketing techniques to generate an endless flow of lead for your business, visit Jaime’s MLM Training

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