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Whether you’re just getting started online, looking for another way to build your brand or looking for a way to communicate with prospects and customers, utilizing Twitter in your marketing is a good move. Aside from the fact that Twitter has an Alexa ranking of #11, a US traffic rank of #7 and has grown it’s visitors by 21% in the last 90 days, setting up an account and using it is extremely simple.

In addition, building your Twitter account is almost like building your list. OK, maybe not quite… But, the premise is the same. You have a targeted audience who have voluntarily agreed to follow you and see your tweets. By the way, “tweeting” is how you communicate on Twitter (some people call it micro-blogging). Basically, you have a maximum of 140 characters to get your message across. I personally love that… Short, simple tweets that are to the point catch my attention, since I don’t have the attention span to review long drawn out sales pages.

To help you get started, here are some basic Twitter tips you can use in your marketing:

1. Keep your Twitter account professional – While it’s obviously not required, if you want to use your account for marketing, but you also want to connect with family and friends, you should think about opening up separate accounts. Having your business contacts see tweets between you and your high school friends probably won’t make the best impression.

2. Do not Spam – This is pretty obvious, but it’s so important that it should be said. Spamming on Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter, is a big no-no. Aside from running the risk of having your account suspended, all spamming does is ruin your reputation, your company’s reputation and your product’s reputation. In addition, the result you get from spamming is the exact opposite of the result you’re trying to get. Instead of building value and trust with people, you just annoy them.

3. Add value to the community – Adding quality value to the community will build your reputation and brand you as a leader. A simple way to do this is to put links up to your articles and/or videos that are geared towards giving useful tips to your audience.  In addition, while it’s OK every now and then, try not to send links to your product in every tweet. Instead, try to send people to your blog, website or some other useful content you think they’d like.

4. Make it a point to interact with people – If people ask you question, do your best to answer them. If people retweet your tweets, thank them. And if you see someone else’s tweet that you think will provide value to your connections, re-tweet it. In other words, participate and contribute to the community.

In closing, Twitter is a useful part of your marketing routine if you utilize it correctly. As long as you follow some basic etiquette, and you invest some time, you can potentially build some quality connections, network with some interesting people and even grow your network marketing business on it.

Twitter Marketing is a cool and easy way to make genuine connections with potential customers and distributors. It can also be a useful tool to generate leads. To see how some of the best internet marketers generate 100+ leads a day for their business, visit Jaime Soriano’s MLM Training

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