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If you’re building a network marketing business, there are several things you need to get good at if you want to experience success – things like mindset, time management and dealing with people just to name a few. With that said, one of the key ingredients to achieving success in any network marketing business is to create a consistent generation of leads. Without this, the business will simply fail. Why? Because regardless if you have the best product or compensation plan in the market place, if you have no one to share it with you’ll have slim to no chance of having success.

Once you start your Network Marketing career and embark on the journey to building your business, gaining prospective leads will be one of the first challenges that you’ll have to face.  To avoid analysis paralysis on getting your first few leads, your upline leaders will emphasize that you start off with a list of names from people in your immediate circle, family and friends.

Are Family And Friends Good Prospective Leads?

I know it may seem a little daunting to pursue your family and friends, but your initial and immediate goal is to share and promote the opportunity to anyone who would listen. You have to think about co-workers, classmates, friends of friends that you know are ambitious, church friends, etc..

As much as people want to avoid their warm market, I want to encourage you to connect with them to introduce your business. After all, it is normal for us to share what we know first and foremost with the people closest to us. Think about it – if you opened up a restaurant, wouldn’t you tell the people you know. The key is to approach them the right way and not try to shove it down their throat. You wouldn’t force your family and friends to go and eat at your restaurant if you opened one up so you should not force them to buy whatever product you’re selling in your network marketing business. With that said, you never know who’s looking for an opportunity and will say yes… so talk to them.

Once you’ve made a list with all of your family and friends, you may want to qualify them. The qualified leads are the people who are interested in what you have to share, seeking to learn more, and are interested in moving on to the next step. They may be beginners in the industry or existing players looking for other opportunities. Either way, an interested person is a qualified lead. There’s a few different ways to qualify someone you know and see if there’s an interest on their part. For people you know, one thing you can do is shoot them a short text message.

For example, you can text them a message that says: ‘Hey (name), are you open to taking a look at a serious opportunity to make some money?’ or ‘Hey (name), I just stumbled onto a serious opportunity and I wanted to tell you about it… Are you open to getting some info about it?’

Another indirect way to qualify someone you know is by sending a short message similar to the above text messages but through Facebook or in an email.

Obviously, if they give you a positive response, you can move to the next step since their qualified and interested to know more.

In order to get them to move closer to the ‘close’, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Relay how your business will benefit them personally and financially.
  • Focus on what THEY want (not what YOU want) and be sensitive to their needs.
  • Tell them what they want to hear by answering their questions and addressing their concerns. Instead of saying “Join me in building my empire” or “Join my business so I can build residual income”, tell them “Join me and let me teach you how to build your business and realize your dreams in life.”
  • Don’t ever bad-mouth other network marketing companies. Instead, focus on the good side of your business and give emphasis to its advantages and benefits. Remember, if your network marketing company is as good as you say it is, there’s no need to put down other companies to make yours looks good. Doing so will only turn good quality people off because they will see how you use ‘underhanded tactics’ to try and recruit people.

Now that you’ve qualified your leads, you want to add more people into the pipeline so begin asking family and friends if they know of anyone that may be interested.

You can also commence to do the following to generate interest in more prospects:

  • Relay your message by creating a simple presentation or product demonstration. Make sure that your message is clear and it provides the right amount of information that they need. (You will determine what they need by asking them questions)
  • Don’t jump straight into your presentation. Warm things up first by starting a casual conversation. Obviously, if you’re calling a referral from a friend it will be smart to leverage the friend’s credibility so that you’re not some cold person to the referral.
  • Do not, in any way, pester, persuade, or guilt your prospects into doing something that they don’t want to do. Simply share the concept with them and that’s it. If they like what they see, they’ll tell you. If they’re not interested, you can talk to them until your face is blue and they still won’t join. Simply make a note to follow up with them in the future and continue to build a relationship with them. It goes that without saying that anyone you talk to who is not interested, you will ask for referrals. If you try to pest or convince someone, do you think they’ll give you referrals? Of course not.
  • Show them how the business benefited you and changed your life. Just share your personal story and testimonial. Remember, stories sell. Then tell them that you want them to experience the same.
  • Follow up to get a decision. If they are still interested in joining you, proceed to sign them up. If not, don’t push it. You don’t want to strain your relationship. If you notice, a common theme in these tips is to not be pushy or obnoxious. It’s important that you maintain the right posture and just share your business. Maintain an attitude of ‘if it’s for you, great… if it’s not, no big deal…’

Generating leads consistently takes time. What you have to be willing to do is develop the skills to become a competent network marketer and master presenter.  If you follow the guidelines above you will be well on your way to become a professional network marketer.

Remember, approaching your warm market is only one facet of marketing. Marketing online and generating leads will also serve you well in your business. Make it a point to leverage Attraction Marketing to brand yourself and sponsor new distributors online. If you can be good at working your warm market (and warm referrals) and using online marketing, not only will you be able to build your business faster but you’ll be able to teach various marketing strategies to your team members.

So There You Have It: How To Gain Prospective MLM Leads

To Your Success,

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