MLM Training – Three Success Tips That Will Explode Your MLM Business

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

So you’ve just started a network marketing business and you’re excited to get going. While there may be several moving parts to your business, it’s important that you develop the right mindset and attitude early on. Without the right mindset, you can know all the scripts and how to answer every question, but you will not be able to build a sizable business. In this short article, I’ll cover three simple, but powerful, tips that you can apply to yourself and your business. If you can apply and internalize these three tips, you can significantly increase your chances of success.

Before I go into the tips…

I want to first mention a critical component to your success that you need to know at the start of your business. From the very beginning, you need to understand and accept that you are building YOUR business. You’re not building your upline’s business or your downline’s business. You are building YOUR business. With that said, you need to look around and speak to other business owners you know. Granted, building a network marketing business and a traditional business are two different things, it’s still important for you to discover how much work they put into their business. It’s also important to note the mindset they have. Ask them if they keep their business closed because their favorite TV show is on. Ask them if they close their doors when they have the sniffles. Ask them if they think they would be successful if they opened their business for one hour a day, five days a week. Ask them these things and you’ll discover the amount of effort they put into their business. Hopefully, you’ll get an idea of how business owners think and operate. If you can internalize that early, you’ll be able to put forth the effort and energy it takes to be successful.

With that out of the way…

Let me share three simple, but powerful, tips you can apply to your business so you can significantly increase your chances of success:

1. You must make and work a schedule – Whether you’re building a traditional business, a franchise or a network marketing business, you need to be open to build a successful and profitable business. Now, you might be thinking that working a schedule isn’t important if you’re part-time. However, it’s even more important to keep a schedule if you’re part-time since your time is limited and it would be easy to be unproductive. Set your schedule and make it a habit to follow it everyday.

2. Make money not excuses – You can only do one or the other. It’s easy to make excuses about why you’re not having success:
- You don’t have a budget to advertise
- Your upline doesn’t answer your calls
- Your spouse doesn’t support you
- You don’t have a big warm market

Guess what? There are people who had the same circumstances as you and still created success for themselves and built a business. Don’t let challenges stop you. Become a problem solver and move your business forward.

3. Develop the right culture in your team – Focus on supporting your leaders and they in turn will support their leaders. Always praise and recognize people for what they’re doing right. Never highlight what they do wrong. Bosses always point out their employees wrong-doings. But you’re not a Boss, you’re a leader and leaders always point out what their team members do right. You will attract people and retain people by praising and encouraging them. And remember, your team members will raise to your level of expectation. If you tell them they will be great long enough, they will start to believe it and they will become great.

In summary, if you can apply and internalize these three simple tips, you can start growing your business by leaps and bounds.

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