MLM Training - Successfully Separating Work From Home


MLM Training – Successfully Separating Work From Home

img2 300x200 MLM Training – Successfully Separating Work From HomeSo you’ve decided to start a home business and work from home. Sounds simple enough, right? It is but you have to understand that working from your home office requires discipline, especially when it comes to separating business and personal activities.

Here are 5 steps that will help you balance your business with your personal life:

1. Get Up Early – As a home entrepreneur, it’s important that you stay organized or you’ll quickly find life getting in the way. That’s why it’s important to get up around half an hour before the everyone else does (especially the kids) and review and focus on your To-Do-List. You might also want to use this “alone time” to read a few pages of your favorite self-development book or listen to a CD from your favorite motivational speaker. Developing this habit of starting your day right will do wonders for your business, and your life.

2. Separate Business From Home – Imagine having a prospect or customer call you, and your 5-year-old child answers and starts yelling for you to pick up the phone… Not only is that unprofessional but it’s downright embarrassing! Or, imagine talking to a prospect and a business partner on a Skype conference call and your kids and dogs are running around in the background! That’s why it’s important to separate your business phone line from your personal phone line, and separating your office area from the rest of the house. Doing so will save you a lot of aggravation and headaches.

3. Release clutter on a regular basis – This is something I’m personally working on currently. Everyday before I “shut things down” in my office, I make it a point to take 10 minutes to clear my desk of un-important papers and clutter. I also try to clean out my email inbox of spam and other junk mail before shutting off my computer. I can’t say that I’m the best at it (yet) but I’m definitely a lot more organized than I used to be. And if you want to be productive in your home business, you’ll want to be more organized too.

4. Limit Multi-Tasking – Studies show that productivity is lowered 20 to 40 percent when someone multi-tasks. So whatever you’re doing at the moment, complete it and move on. If you’re working on a video or an article, complete it before doing something else. If you’re helping the kids with their homework, be 100% present with them. You’ll be more productive and you’ll get less aggravated by decreasing your multi-tasking.

5. Delegate, Delegate and Delegate Some More – This is a BIG one that many home entrepreneurs drop the ball with. If you’re going to build a home business and work from your home office, you have to be productive. And if you want to be productive, you have to invest the vast majority of your time (like 80%) on activities that matter to your business like marketing, talking to leads, sponsoring and selling. You can’t take an hour in the middle of your workday to do the laundry or some other time-wasting errand. I’m not saying that the laundry shouldn’t be done… I”m just saying YOU should do it! Delegate to someone else, so you can stay focused on the tasks that are important to your business. After all, you wouldn’t tell your Boss at your J.O.B. that you had to leave for an hour because you had to throw the laundry in the machine. That’s ridiculous… Yet why would you do it just because your work from home now. BE PRODUCTIVE! Or you’ll find your new home business going out of business!

So there you have it – MLM Training to help you Successfully Separate Work From Home

Hope this helps…

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Jaime Soriano

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