MLSP Mastery Affiliate Compensation Explanation


MLSP Mastery Affiliate Compensation Explanation

images 300x166 My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery ReviewSo chances are you’re trying to build your primary home business online, and you’ve stumbled on some information on My Lead System Pro, or MLSP. If that’s the case, you’re in luck because in this post I’ll give you a breakdown of what MLSP is, and how you can leverage it to build your home business online. And then I’ll go into MLSP Mastery, which is MLSP’s new platform that provides the potential for you to earn some serious affiliate commissions.

So What Is Exactly Is My Lead System Pro (MLSP)?

Before I go into how you can make affiliate commissions, I think it’s important that I cover what MLSP is and how you can leverage it to build your business. For the past 5 years,MLSP has been the premiere Attraction Marketing system and community online. Now before you get the wrong idea, I want to make clear that MLSP is NOT an actual business opportunity so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with your primary company. It’s more like a generic marketing system you can customize so you can generate leads for whatever business you’re building.

My Personal MLSP Story

LTD2 event awards cropped 2 300x193 My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery ReviewWhen I first stumbled upon MLSP, it was a little under 3 years ago. I had been building my business offline and I was trying to find a way to use the Internet more. Truth be told, I was sick and tired of talking to broke friends and negative family members about my business, and talking to strangers and giving out my business card at Starbuck’s. I knew that there were hundreds of thousands of people on the Internet everyday and I was basically trying to find a way to get in front of them. Sound familiar?

In any case, I was on Youtube and saw a video with a weird hippie-looking guy who was talking about “sponsoring people online” and “getting 50-100 leads a day”. I watched the video a few times, and each time I got more and more excited. Why? Because he was talking about EXACTLY what I was looking for: MORE LEADS and MORE REPS using the Internet. So I clicked through the links (you can click through this link) and found MLSP.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why I Joined MLSP And Why YOU Should Too

1. The Generic Marketing System – MLSP provides everything you need to start marketing online. They give you customizable lead capture pages, along with “system capture pages” whereby you can “give away” hour-long free webinars to people in exchange for their email. The lead capture pages alone are worth joining for because if you had to create your own capture pages, it would cost you hundreds of dollars. Here’s an example of a customizable lead capture page that you’ll have access to when you join. And here’s an example of a system-capture-page that you’ll be able to use instantly once you join. By the way, there are about 10 different system-capture-pages that you can choose from.

The most leads I’ve gotten in ONE DAY was 429 leads… What would your business look like if you have a surge of leads like that, or had 20-30 leads a day flooding your inbox?

2. The Online Marketing Training Platform – I don’t know about you, but when I joined MLSP I had no Internet-marketing experience at all. I didn’t have a clue. But I plugged into the Weekly Training Webinars, and started to watch the archived webinars in the Training Library section of the back office. It was through those webinars and videos that I started to get an understanding of online marketing. Back then there was only one Live Training Webinar a week. Today there are Live Training Webinars going on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On top of that, there are Daily Wake Up Calls you can plug into to start your day off right. If you simply plug into the training, you’ll get good at marketing.

3. Content Hosting- MLSP allows you to post your articles in the back office, and also hosts your videos (for Platinum Members). This is very important considering that Youtube has been suspending marketer’s accounts left and right lately. Hosting your videos on your own would cost you a few hundred dollars a month, so getting this service with MLSP is just another reason to join.

Here’s a snapshot of how many views my articles have gotten in the MLSP back office:

800k views My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery Review

4. A Community Of Marketers – Aside from being a powerful marketing system, MLSP provides you with an actual community of marketers to plug into. And even though MLSP isn’t an actual business opportunity or primary program, the founders provide an annual event called “Live The Dream” where you can network with other marketers and learn from a ton of speakers. It’s pretty powerful and attending the “Live The Dream” event can shorten your learning curve dramatically. You just never know if you’ll meet your next “Superstar” in your team at one of the events.

Here’s snapshot of the “Live The Dream” event:

20101002 mlsp 424 My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery Review

5. Affiliate Commissions – MLSP pays out affiliate commissions to you if and when you refer other people to the system. You can make upfront commissions on the OTO’s and you can make monthly residual commissions on the subscriptions of the members you refer. There’s also the potential to earn monthly commissions on your 2nd Tier affiliates, if you become an L4 Member. There’s also a car bonus you can earn if you become a producer inside of the system. Earning commissions on an affiliate system like MLSP is important because in order to build your primary home business, you’re going to have expenses like website fees, monthly autoships, travel expenses, event registrations and advertising. You can offset these expenses with your affiliate commissions instead of digging into your home business income or personal savings. In other words, you’ll be able to run a profitable business… maybe for the first time. And chances are you’ll be referring people to MLSP who wouldn’t even join your primary home business, so you’ll finally be able to turn a profit on people who don’t even join your primary business.

It’s a powerful system and you can watch this 29-minute video to see a full explanation.

So What’s MLSP Mastery?

MLSP Mastery Level My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery ReviewIn the beginning of the year, MLSP launched Mastery. Mastery truly is the “old” MLSP on steroids. Why? Because you’ll have everything mentioned above, and you’ll also have the ability to earn some very healthy 100% commissions.

Here are 3 ways you can earn big commissions with Mastery:

1. 100% Commission, Pure Profit Products - You can earn up to $2,497 per sale by referring people to the system. That’s powerful! Imagine referring 4 people a month and earning $2,497 per sale. That’s just about $10,000 a month! That’s a huge advertising budget you can use to build your primary home business. Of course, you won’t make that on every referral, but the potential is there and that’s what matters.

2. $100 Monthly Membership Fees Paid Directly To You - You can earn $100 per month for every Mastery Member you refer. That’s not a little deal, that’s a big deal. In most primary home businesses, if you sponsored someone an they were on a monthly product autoship, you’d make around $5 to $15 per month in residual income. You’ll make $100 per month for every Mastery Member you refer. Do the math and play with the numbers. As soon as I saw this, I pulled out a piece of paper and drew out what 100 members would look like: $10,000 per month in residual income!

3. 100% Commissions On OTOs (One Time Offers) - As soon as you refer a member to MLSP, there will be several OTOs that pop up for them to buy. As a Mastery Member, you can earn 100% commissions, to the tune of up to $1,497 per referral, on the sales of the OTOs.

Is MLSP, And MLSP Mastery, For You?

In my opinion, if you’re building a home business online, MLSP is a no-brainer. The real question is should you get Mastery.

Here’s a snapshot from the back office of everything you get with Mastery:

mastery benefits My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery Review

If you still need to see a full presentation on Mastery, you can watch one here.

But if you’re ready right now to get started, you can Join MLSP Right Here. (you can join MLSP, and grab the Mastery level inside of that website)

On A Seperate BUT Related Note:

The only thing that MLSP doesn’t do is provide you with a blog. Having a blog is important because you’ll need a website to post your content and market whatever it is your marketing. You can build your own blog by yourself, or you can pick one up that’s already built for you right here.

Empower Network Blogging System pichture My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery Review

Aside from not having to build your own blog, you can actually make 100% commissions with Empower Network. Read my blog post where I explain how the 100% commissions work with Empower Network.

Feel free to contact me via Skype (Skype ID: dailyresiduals), Facebook, or Text Me at 347-385-1975 if you have any questions on MLSP, Mastery or Empower Network.

To Your Success,

Jaime Soriano

Me and Trish 300x198 My Lead System Pro   MLSP Mastery Review

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