Monavie Training - 4 Video Marketing Tips To Grow Your Monavie Business

If you're a Monavie distributor, one of the most crucial things you need to do is generate leads for your business.  Without leads, or anyone to talk to, you'll have a very difficult (and frustrating) time building your business.  On the other hand, if you have a system of generating leads on a consistent basis, then you'll be on the fast track to getting to the top rank of the company.

One way you can generate leads is through video marketing.  Video marketing has some very distinct benefits that other forms of marketing do not.  For one, videos enable your audience to see you and hear you.  This benefit alone will increase conversion as a big part of "selling psychology" is allowing your audience to see your facial expressions and hearing the tonality in your voice.  This is impossible with just a text ad.  Also, in my opinion, video marketing has the ability to grab your audience's attention faster and more effective than text alone.

Here are some Video Marketing basics you can use to help you get started:
1.  Target Your Audience - By targeting a specific audience, you'll increase the probability that people will be interested in what you're offering.  The key is to be able to offer a solution to a problem your target audience is having.  For example, since Monavie is marketing a product that improves your health, then it would be best received by an audience that is looking to improve their health or an audience that is looking to get healthy.  It would obviously not be received well by an audience that's interested in cars or motorcycles.  Also, make sure you choose keywords and tags that are relevant to the audience you're trying to target.
2.  Be Prepared - Before starting, you should know what message you're trying to convey.  What are you trying to accomplish with your video?  This is important to identify while preparing to shoot your video.  Also, you should know how long your video is supposed to be.  This is important as different video sites have different limitations.  For example, Youtube allows you to post videos that are 10 minutes or less.  If you plan on shooting a longer video, you might want to post it on Viddler, which enables you to post videos up to 20 minutes.
3.  Offer Value - As with other forms of marketing, offering real value and content for your audience is the best way to go.  Giving tips and techniques that will help your audience is critical if you want people to follow you and check out your website.  If you just post videos of you pitching your product or business all the time, it will make you look like a spammer and your audience will obviously not be interested in what you're offering.
4.  Video Optimization - Optimizing your video description will help your videos get more visibility and exposure.  There are a few simple ways to do this.  For one, make sure you put your keyword in your video title (twice if you can).  Your description should contain your keyword a few times and obviously you should pick keywords in your tags that relate to the audience you're trying to target.  Also, allow for people to comment and rate your videos as this helps your video's rankings in the search engines.  You can also use key phrases in your tags by simply putting quotations around your key phrase (ex. "network marketing").
In closing, shooting videos are just plain fun to make.  If you want to grow your Monavie business online and you want to drive more traffic to your Monavie website, I want to encourage you to start incorporating videos in your marketing strategy.
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