Monavie Training - Three Things You Need To Recruit Large Numbers Into Your Monavie Business

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, MLM & Attraction Marketing Coach

If you're serious about building your Monavie business, you're probably interested in bringing in more reps and growing your downline. The first thing you need to understand if you truly want to explode your recruiting numbers is: "Why do you want to recruit people into your business?" To be totally frank, because you CAN! Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but your company is actually giving you the ability to recruit people and get paid on their efforts. This is a privilege you don't have in many places.  Let me explain:

Imagine at your job, your boss said to you that he/she was looking for new talent to grow the company. He/She also said there was an UNLIMITED amount of positions available and they would be trained if they didn't have experience.  Here's where it gets interesting: the boss/CEO tells you that he/she wants YOU to find these people, and for everyone that you find, you'll get paid a "bonus" in your paycheck EVERY SINGLE TIME they get their paycheck FOR LIFE! On top of that, you can find AS MANY as you want.  And, if you do a really good job, on top of the BONUSES, the company will send you on trips twice a year, give you a car bonus and recognize you with awards at company functions.  On top of that, anyone you bring on-board will be given the same opportunity to bring others, who in turn will be given the same opportunity to bring others, and so forth and so on... And you'll get a small "bonus" whenever those people get a paycheck even though you had nothing to do with them coming on-board! 

Does this sound like your job?  Do you think your boss/CEO will be giving you a call to offer something like this to you?  I don't think so! In my opinion, because you probably get bombarded with so many network marketing opportunities, it's easy to take for granted the opportunity you have in Monavie to recruit, build and grow your own business. And, in order to really appreciate the opportunity you have to recruit others, you really have to fight the urge to take this privilege for granted.

With that said, here are 3 things you need to recruit large numbers into your Monavie business:

1. Belief - The belief you have in the industry, in your company and in yourself is critical if you want to recruit other people. Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and thought, "Wow, this person doesn't even believe what their saying."? Without belief and conviction, the people you talk to will think the same about you.  It's hard (even impossible) to effectively share an opportunity and a vision without belief. How do you build belief? Work on yourself, become a student and read everything you can about the industry, your product, your company and self-development.

2. Posture - You want to recruit people? DON'T BEG! Your job is to enthusiastically share your company's opportunity and vision, that's it! You saw the opportunity, didn't you? And other people will see it too. If someone's not interested in what you're offering, don't worry about it, there's hundreds of thousands of other people you can talk to.

3. Accept The Law Of Large Numbers - I can spend hours training on this topic, but for the sake of simplicty, just accept that not everyone is going to join your business. And you don't NEED everyone to join for you to be successful. In baseball, if you failed 70% of the time when you came up to bat, you'd have a .300 batting average which is above-average, and you'd still make MILLIONS!  Well, if baseball players can accept failing 70% of the time in order to succeed, why can't you?  You're not going to recruit everybody and you don't NEED to in order to be successful!

Keep these bullet-points in mind as you build your Monavie business, and before you know it, you'll see a spike in your recruiting!



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