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One of the best ways to jump-start your new Network Marketing reps or super-charge your existing Network Marketing reps is by conducting phone blitzes, sometimes referred to as "Power Hours".  These are short meetings, that usually run for about one hour or so, that you can gather some of your reps together for the purpose of making phone calls.  It's not a get-together-session to discuss what's going on in the company or a session to cover training. The purpose is specific and targeted: Make phone calls... nothing more, nothing less.  As I mentioned earlier, it's typically done to launch a new rep but it's also very effective to do with existing reps who need a boost.  It's also very effective to do a phone blitz with more than groups of 2 to 5 reps together.  Why? Because groups create synergy and competition which alleviates the fear most reps feel when it comes to making calls. 

Here are 3 reasons why phone blitzes (aka, power hours) are so effective in exloding your Network Marketing business:

#1. You Can Make Sure That Calls Are Being Made - As a leader, it's important to inspect what you expect.  You can't just assume that your reps are making phone calls just because you mentioned it once or twice.  By being present when calls are being made, you don't leave it up to chance that your reps are making them.  This is especially important if you're scheduling home presentations (PBRs) with your team.  Have you ever drove to a new rep's home to do a presentation, only to find out that the only two people that would be getting your presentation that evening would be you and your rep?  You can minimize this by scheduling a phone blitz with them 48-72 hours before their PBR.  This way, you KNOW that people are invited because YOU helped invite them.  Trust me, the extra hour you're investing into your business to do a phone blitz is worth it for this reason alone.

#2.  You Can Offer Much Needed Support To Your Team - One of the reasons why your team members may not be making phone calls is because they associate fear and pain to making them.  In most cases, this is caused by the fear of not knowing what to say, not knowing how to answer questions and fear of getting rejected.  By conducting phone blitzes, you can have your team members initiate the call to their warm market prospects and then PASS the phone to you if they get stuck or need help.  This does two things: One, it gives the rep "courage" to make as many calls as they can while they have you present.  And two, it puts you in a position to talk to people who you never would have talked to if your rep hadn't "connected" you to them.  Keep in mind, that ALL your reps have a "CHICKEN LIST" (a list of people they are afraid to call).  Ironically, the people on someone's CHICKEN LIST are usually the VERY BEST people to talk to because they have the most credibility and are centers of influence.  By NOT doing phone blitzes, you position yourself to NEVER have the opportunity to reach your rep's BEST prospects.  This is not good for you or your rep!

#3.  You Duplicate Leaders - Keep in mind that while you're making a ton of phone calls, you're also being an example to your reps that are present.  They are seeing you in action and seeing how you support them.  Even more important, they're seeing you handle objections and rejection, which is inevitable if you're making a high volume of calls.  This WILL duplicate out into your organization.  Imagine having "mini-groups" inside of your group doing phone blitzes and PBRs every night of the week... WITHOUT YOU! This will only happen if you set the example early on and SHOW (NOT TELL) them what to do.

If you want to get your new Network Marketing rep going fast, or you just want to super-charge your existing reps, I want to encourage you to implement phone blitzes into your strategy.  You'll be glad you did!


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