Online MLM Business - How To Use An Autoresponder To Automate Your Marketing


If you're serious about building an online MLM business, then using autoresponders is a great way of automating some of your marketing.  Autoresponders have become the premiere tool for many marketers to build their leads list, follow-up with leads and broadcast information to your leads in a simple and efficient manner.  While there are many autoresponder services in the market today, the basic concept is that you can "load" an unlimited number of emails into your campaign that will be automatically sent out at pre-determined intervals to your prospects.  This not only automates much of the follow-up process, but also allows you to continuously send content and information to your prospects that you want to share with them.

Here's a short list of some tasks that your autoresponder can do for you if you want to build an online MLM business:

1.  Follow-Up Easily With Your Leads - One of the most important activities you can do to build your business is to follow-up with potential customers and recruits (ex. leads).  This "on-going" follow-up helps to increase conversion as most people need several exposures before they join your business or buy your product.  A good autoresponder allows you to not only automate a good deal of the follow-up process, but also allows you to introduce other products to your prospects.

2.  Build Relationships With Your Leads - Smart marketers, not only utilize autoresponders to follow-up with prospects, but also to build relationships with their leads.  By providing useful information, you not only build relationships with your prospects but also establish a value-gap.  One thing that I personally do in some of my email campaigns is invite people to connect with me on Facebook so we can engage in the relationship-building process. While nothing can substitute the personal touch of a live phone call, a good autoresponder system will do wonders for opening the lines of communication with your prospects.

3.  Provide Autoresponder Courses - Autoresponder courses have become a great way for marketers to give information out at pre-set intervals to their prospects.  These courses can be in the form of text or video. Teaching people things like setting up a blog, putting up a website and going through a step-by-step process of setting up an effective marketing plan can all be done through multiple emails using an autoresponder system.

Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Quality Autoresponder Service:

1.  Unlimited Text Length
2.  Unlimited Updating That Is FREE
3.  The Ability To Personalize Your Emails
4.  Follow Ups That Are Automatic
5.  The Ability To Track Your Ads And Link Clicks
6.  Notifications If People Request More Information

While there are many "basic" autoresponder services you can get that send out ONLY one email to your prospects when they opt-in, I would encourage you to consider an "advanced" autoresponder that will allow you to send multiple messages over an extended period of time. 

In closing, while autoresponders won't totally automate your marketing (there's nothing that's 100% automated), when used properly, they'll save you an enormous amount of time and free you up to do activities that need your personal attention when you're building your online MLM business... like getting on the phone and signing up new reps and customers! And that's what leverage is all about!


With that said, simply joining an online MLM business doesn't necessarily mean you're guaranteed to succeed.

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