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From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is driving traffic to a replicated website that was provided for them by their company. Replicated websites don't enable you to stand out from the crowd because every distributor in your company has one and they all look the same. Also, by driving traffic straight to your replicated website, there is no way of obtaining your prospect's information.

The answer to these two challenges is to drive traffic to a lead capture page, also known as a landing page. By driving traffic to a lead capture page, you're able to obtain the necessary information to follow up with anyone that checks out your website. Now you may be asking yourself, "How?" Because in order to view your website, the prospect has to input their information (name, email address, phone number, etc.) into fields that are located somewhere on your lead capture page. Assuming your lead capture page is converting well, prospects will be forwarded to your actual website to view the information once they submit their information.

Once the prospect's information is submitted, and they are viewing your website, you can automate the follow up process further by using email autoresponders to automatically follow up with them every 3 or 4 days (or whatever frequency you choose). This automatic follow up process (autoresponders) will not only automate your follow ups but will act as a relationship builder between you and your prospects. For advanced marketers, it also gives them the opportunity to cross-sell different affiliate products and business opportunities also.

Internet marketing can offer a ton of automation. But there has to be systems in place to effectively drive prospects to your website, expose the interested prospects and follow up with them. While there is NO system that is 100% automated, lead capture pages and autoresponders can do a lot of the "heavy lifting" for you.

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