Primo Vacations Review – Is Primo Vacations The Next Big Thing In MLM?


If you’re checking out this review, chances are you’re looking into Primo Vacations and thinking about becoming a distributor. If that’s the case, I want to encourage you to take some time to go over this entire review so you’ll be better equipped to make an educated decision before you join. Before going further, I want to disclose that I’m not a Primo Vacations distributor so you can bet that you’ll be getting an unbiased review.

Who Is Primo Vacations And What Do They Sell?

First things first, let’s go into some information about the actual company. This is the most critical area of the review, especially if you’re thinking about joining. Why? Because if the company isn’t solid and positioned for long-term growth, you won’t be able to build a long-term business for yourself. Primo Vacations is a top-tier network marketing company that sells private Travel Club memberships that gives it’s members big discounts on their travel expenses and unlimited access to over 83,000 hotel properties. The company is led by Co-founder and CEO  Rob Hannley, who happens to be a 15-year veteran of the home business industry and creator of the Net Millionaire Training System. The company’s Vice President of Sales is Forrest Blankenship, who also happens to have 15-years of marketing experience. In the past, Blankenship has owned and led several direct sales companies including TSI, Inc., which went from a start-up company to doing $3 million in monthly revenue in two short years. The company also has contracted Gerald Nehra to be in charge of compliance. Nehra, who has 34 years of experience, has one of the few offices in the nation who specialize in legal issues in the direct sales industry. Primo Vacations has a solid group of people on it’s corporate team and it certainly looks positioned for future growth. In addition to that, the fact that they market Travel is also a plus since the Travel Industry is expected to double because of the Baby Boomers.

How Do You Make Money With Primo Vacations?

In order to become a distributor, you’ll have to pay the initial one-time start-up cost of $697. There’s also a monthly fee of $39 which pays for your back office. As far as the compensation plan goes, Primo Vacations pays two ways. The first is retail sales which allows you to earn $500 for very person you personally enroll into the company. The second way you get paid is through training sales, or 1-up sales. With 1-up sales, you’ll earn $500 from the first sale of everyone you sponsor. This is because they are “passing” you their first person. But it doesn’t stop there. When that person makes their first sale, they have to “pass” them up to you. This can happen over and over, and with multiple legs, because everyone who rolls up to you has to “pass” you their first sale. This is what the company calls “perpetual payout” from a leg you start. If you play with the numbers, it’s pretty easy to see the upfront potential from signing up a few people and getting 1-up sales.

With that said, I do see two drawbacks of the compensation plan. The first one is it doesn’t offer on-going residual income. Once a sale is made, there’s a one-time $500 paid out from that sale and that’s it. The other drawback is once you join and make your first sale (which you pass up), there really isn’t much incentive for your sponsor to give you much support and help since they won’t make any more money from anything you do. Consider this if you’re looking to join the company. Of course, I’m not trying to take anything away from the opportunity since there is a lot of upfront income that can be made with a good 1-up compensation plan.

Should You Join?

In closing, Primo Vacations is a good company with a potentially lucrative compensation plan. The fact that the Travel Industry is expected to double over the next ten to fifteen years is a major plus. While these things are a major plus for a business opportunity, they mean very little to your success. Why? Because your success will heavily depend on your ability to sign new people up. And this will depend on your ability to generate targeted leads online. My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system to help you build your business. If you can do that, you can well be on your way to building a very prosperous Primo Vacations business.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Primo Vacations Business?

Success with your Primo Vacations business requires a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your Primo Vacations downline by being an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

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