The 3 Things That All Master Marketers Do When Building Their Network Marketing Business Online

With the economy spiraling downwards, more people than ever before are looking into network marketing opportunities as a way to earn extra income from home. Network marketing is an industry that has many benefits. Without going into an extensive list of it's benefits, there are two that really stick out: Time and money TOGETHER. Let me explain... There are a lot of places you can go to make a good income but you'll have to sacrifice your personal time (ex. High paying jobs or high-commissions sales positions). You can also have all the time in the world but have no money (ex. unemployed). But network marketing puts you in a position, if you build your business, to have time and money TOGETHER. In fact, the bigger you get (and more money you make), the more time you have because, more than likely, you have independent leaders in your group that are running without you. This is awesome and I'd be hard-pressed to think of another industry that gives you these two things at the same time.

However, the numbers tell us that around 97% of new people who join a network marketing company fail and quit the industry within 6 months. In my opinion, there are a several reasons why this happens. With that said, it's also my opinion that you need to identify what successful master marketers do so that you can duplicate what they do.

In this article, I'll BRIEFLY highlight 3 things that all master marketers do when building their MLM business online:

#1. They Brand Themselves - Master marketers don't spend a lot of time promoting their company, product or comp plan upfront. Instead, they promote and brand themselves. In other words, they position themselves as leaders in the industry and experts in their field. This alone, sets them apart from 97% of other network marketers in the market place. What 97% of marketers do is they promote their company, product and comp plan upfront. Here's what you need to understand about this approach: NOBODY CARES! People get bombarded with offers and "pitches" all day long. What sets you apart from all these other spammers in the market place? Nothing... if you're not branding yourself, giving people a ton of value and giving them a REASON to hear what you have to say.

#2. They Monetize Prospects That Don't Join Their Business - Whether you're marketing online or offline, the reality is about 90% of the people who see your opportunity WON'T join. That doesn't mean that your opportunity or product is bad, it simply means that it wasn't a fit for them. Knowing this, doesn't it make sense to position yourself to profit from that HUGE 90% chunk of your prospects, instead of just letting them fall through the cracks? Master marketers know this and generate thousands of dollars on a monthly basis when people say NO to their business!

#3. They Learn How To Market Effectively - While 97% of marketers go out and pitch their business opportunity to anyone that comes within 3 feet of them, master marketers know that POSITIONING themselves in front of people that are ALREADY looking for them is 100X more effective. They use marketing systems and strategies to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to piquing people, exposing people, sorting through prospects and identifying real quality prospects from the tire-kickers. By doing this, they can minimize rejection and invest the bulk of their time dealing only with people that are truly interested in their business.

If you take the time to learn how to do the 3 steps outlined above, you'll be ahead of the 97% that don't bother to even try to learn them. Now that's what I call STACKING the chips in your favor!

With all that said, you still have little to no chance of succeeding UNLESS you learn how to market the right way and generate an endless flow of hot leads for your MLM business. To learn how ALL Top Producers DOMINATE their company, click on the picture below and get ready to OUTSPONSOR everyone in your company.

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