The Absolute #1 Thing You Must Focus On In Order To Have Major Abundance In Your Network Marketing

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Over the last 12 years of my career, I’ve made it a point to notice and study people and their behaviors. I’ve learned from my mentors who were major successes in my company. But, I’ve also learned from the thousands of people who have failed and quit on their goals and dreams. Now, I’ll be honest and say that there were some people that you knew were going to quit sooner or later, mostly due to their inability to be coached and/or their unwillingness to change and learn the necessary skills to succeed. But, what always baffled me were the individuals who quit who were actually very good. They were good in front of the room, they were good on the phone, they gave killer presentations and attended all the major events the company held. And yet, they still ended up quitting. Now, don’t get me wrong, as a professional, I know that there are a percentage of people that are going to quit, and I accept that. Nevertheless, it always stuck in the back of my mind why these “good reps” failed to build their businesses.

After looking back, and knowing what I know now, it dawned on me that they all had one thing in common: Every single one of them did not have a highly responsive list. Now, they all had a list of names of family, friends and acquaintances that they burned through, giving presentations and canned pitches to try to get them to buy products. But they weren’t trying to build real relationships with the people on their list. And, network marketing requires relationships that are nurtured and developed over time. They were so busy trying to run through, present and sponsor their contacts that the “relationship” just wasn’t there.

There’s a lesson there if you look real close: You must build a huge list of highly responsive people. And they will only become highly responsive if you build relationships with them over time and give them a ton of value. Of course, the third part of the formula is to market to your list, but that piece of the formula comes only after the first two parts.

So you still want to know what the #1 secret is that all top producers do to dominate their companies and have major abundance?
1. They build a list
2. They build a relationship with their list
3. They market over and over to their list

Now, what should you do to get on the path to abundance and never have to struggle in your network marketing company ever again?

You must learn the fastest, most efficient way you can build your list and make as many friends as you can, with the right type of people. Make a commitment to stay laser focused on getting to a point where you are generating at least 25 leads a day, and I promise you your life will start to change.

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