The Customer Advantage Review – Is It A Good Business Opportunity?


Over the last couple of months, I’ve been getting a ton of messages about The Customer Advantage from distributors promoting the program. So I decided to do a review on the company and the compensation plan to help out anyone looking to join. In this short but complete review, I’ll go into how it works and the compensation plan. I’ll also cover whether or not The Customer Advantage is a good business opportunity.

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What Is The Customer Advantage And What Do They Market?

First of all, let’s cover who the company actually is. The Customer Advantage is a company that markets consumer savings and exposure for businesses, much like Groupon, using a network marketing business model. Actually, their official website refers to their business model as a 5-tier affiliate program. The company was founded by John Milanoski and is based in Lake Stevens, Washington. The Customer Advantage is a fairly new company since they’ve only been around for less than a year.

As far as their services goes, it works much like the services that Groupon markets. Customers are able to get significant deals from local businesses. And the businesses who are giving these deals, are getting exposure and new customers because they are being promoted by The Customer Advantage. It’s a win-win scenario since customers are getting big deals and businesses are getting new customers that they can up-sell at a later date. If you’re wondering if the system works, just look at Groupon. Groupon has a very similar service and they have become a billion dollar company faster than any other company in history.

How Do You Make Money With The Customer Advantage?

As far as their business opportunity goes, you can become an affiliate for free. The compensation plan is pretty straight forward. Based on your earned position in the company, you can earn 5% commissions on up to 5 levels of affiliates in your organization. Frankly, 5% on a sale might not look to lucrative. However, this type of model has the potential to go viral pretty quickly. Why? Because it’s free to join and everybody loves deals on things they buy anyway. So if you work out some numbers and factor in a large team of affiliates, it is possible to build a pretty good income assuming you are a good marketer.

Is It A Good Business Opportunity?

In closing, the company and the compensation plan look pretty solid. While the company is too young to tell if it will be a huge success, they certainly have a marketable service. If you’re dead serious about joining and making money, I recommend that you use Attraction Marketing to brand yourself and generate leads online. If you can market effectively and incorporate a good Attraction Marketing system, you can very well be on your way to building a prosperous business.

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