The Trump Network Training Tip - The Importance Of Recruiting Up In Your Trump Network Business


When it comes to recruiting new people into your Trump Network business, it's important to "recruit up" if you want to grow your business quickly.  "Recruiting Up" means bringing people into your business that have certain qualities that can potentially stack-the-deck in their favor when it comes to succeeding in your business.  With that said, you can never tell who will succeed or fail just from looking at them but you should still be conscious of this concept as you build your business.

In order to understand this concept, here is a breakdown of the 3 types of people you'll come across when building your Trump Network business:

1.  "The Blues" -  These are people who look up to you.  Typically, you'll have a great deal of influence over them and you shouldn't have a problem signing them into your business.  The problem is they are usually "followers" and don't have much credibility and influence in their market.  They usually will lead you to other "followers".  If you spend the majority of your time working with "blues", it won't be long until you have an entire team of "followers" that you might have to baby-sit. Obviously, this is not where you want to be.

2.  "The Greens" - These are people who are your peers.  Typically, you'll have the same economic status.  You'll find that because of your relationship with them, they may have the most questions and may be even the most skeptical.  When approaching "greens", it's important you use 3rd party validation and/or tools to take you out of the equation.  Most times, it's more effective to 3-way an edified business partner into the conversation rather than try to answer all the questions yourself.

3.  "The Reds" - These are people that you probably look up to.  Typically, they may have a thread of success already in their background.  Sometimes, they might already be making a high income.  All "reds" have a tremendous amount of leadership qualities, credibility and influence over their market.  Keep in mind, that it may be a little harder to recruit a "red"... but if you do, you'll see your business take off quickly and it will be the most fun you'll have building your group.

One exercise I do when I meet with a new person, or someone that I may recruit into my business, is putting their "Top 25" list together.  It's not a complicated exercise and it can be done in 15-20 minutes.  I'll usually pull out a piece of paper, take out a pen and proceed to ask them who their 25 best prospects are so I can assess if they are someone who has a quality market... and if they are someone I want to invest time and energy into.

One time, I had someone say, "I don't want to do this exercise because I don't want you to see all my friends...". I quickly replied, "I just want to see if you GOT any friends!  If you're 30 years old and you can't rattle off at least 25 people that like you and trust you, there's something wrong with that picture."   He got the picture real quick that he wasn't sizing me up... I was sizing him up!

In closing, you should never pre-judge people because you can never tell who will succeed in your business.  But by being conscious of the 3 types of people you'll come across, you'll be able to quickly assess where you should be putting the majority of your effort... if you want to grow your business FAST!

With that said, simply joining The Trump Network doesn't necessarily mean you're guaranteed to succeed.

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