Third Party Network Marketing Review – Can You Really Get Wealthy Selling Weight Loss Products?

If you’re reading this review, you’re probably looking for information about Network Marketing. In this simple review, I’ll cover details about the company and what you need to do to truly experience success in the company.

Network Marketing is a 30-year old network marketing company that sells health and wellness products. It was founded by Mark Hughes and is probably one of the older, more well known companies in the industry. Over the years, the company has achieved many successes and has grown consistently. Currently, the company is still growing, both domestically and in the 73 countries they do business in, and has well over 2 million distributors worldwide.


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As far as their products are concerned, Network Marketing sells various products including skin care products, weight loss products and energy products. Their products are backed by scientific research and there has been some clinical trials done on them, validating the product’s many benefits. The company also has a focus on research and development and because they control much of the manufacturing process, they can maintain quality control. In addition, the company has established a Nutrition Advisory Board to help educate distributors on the principles of nutrition.

As far as their business opportunity is concerned, you can become a distributor by paying an initial start-up and then maintaining a monthly autoship. The compensation plan provides 5 ways to make money, including upfront income by retailing products and monthly residual income by building a base of customers and product-consuming distributors. Statistically, the company pays out 73% of revenues back to the field in the form of commissions, which is relatively high compared to other health based network marketing companies.

In summary, it’s not hard to see that Network Marketing is a credible company, with high quality products and a very generous compensation plan. They’ve been around for over 30 years, which is a major accomplishment in an industry where most companies never make it past their 5th year in business. However, these things alone will not make you successful. Pitching your friends and family will only take you so far. And prospecting complete strangers will give you horrible results. This is why it’s critical to your success that you learn effective marketing techniques that will enable you to generate leads. Without leads for your business, you have little to no chance of succeeding. However, if you use an attraction marketing system that can help you generate more leads than you could actually get to, there’s no limits and no telling how successful you can be with your Network Marketing business.

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