Vemma Training - 3 Keys On How To STAY Motivated While Building Your Vemma Business

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, MLM & Attraction Marketing Coach

Staying motivated is a KEY to being successful in any type of business, but it's especially important when you own your own business and are faced with leading others. Art Williams, one of my mentors early on, used to always say, "No one wants to follow a dull, disillusioned, frustrated cry-baby... People want to follow people that are tough, people that are positive, people that are motivated and excited about where they're going!". With that said, I believe that while external things can get you excited, TRUE motivation is internal. In other words, anyone can get excited after a convention or some other big company event, but the people that are TRULY motivated can keep themselves excited and focused LONG AFTER the "convention feeling" wears off.

Here are 3 keys on how you can STAY motivated while building your Vemma business:

#1 - Keep Doing The Same Things You Did As A New Rep - The longer you're in your business, the easier it is to fall into the management trap. Keep in mind that this is an industry where managing others will destroy your business and kill any momentum you may have. It's critical that while you're in the building phase of your business, that you stay in Phase 1 and always PERSONALLY produce. Bringing in NEW reps, bringing in NEW customers and working with NEW, EXCITED people PERSONALLY will always keep you positive and motivated. Personally speaking, over the last 12+ years, I've always been the happiest and most excited when I was personally leading by example and in the trenches. It's incredibly motivating to know that YOU are in control of your success - not your upline, downline or sideline!

#2 - Don't Let Negative People, Losers, People Who Disappoint You And Rejections Destroy Your Attitude - You can't control what other people do or think, BUT you can certainly control what YOU do and what YOU think about. With that said, it's important to accept that you are in the PEOPLE business (no matter what company you're with) and people will disappoint you (I know, it's SHOCKING isn't it?). Guess what? GET OVER IT! Now, I'm not saying you should look for the bad in people, but why do you get frustrated when people disappoint you? Has anyone in your life ever disappointed you before? Of course they have. It's not network marketing... It's life. JUST GET OVER IT and focus on what you CAN control - like your attitude and your personal production. Remember, you're building a long-term business that will secure the financial stability of your family for generations to come - If you have to deal with some negativity and rejection to accomplish that, so be it!

#3 - Contact Someone Every Day And Thank, Congratulate And Encourage Them - This is one of the ways I've always been able to stay motivated while building my business. It's difficult to be discouraged when you're encouraging someone else. Make it a point to connect with your business partners BEFORE they connect with you. Trust me, you're partners WILL remember you reaching out to them. You never know who needs encouragement or who is going through challenges. I'm not saying you have to be a psychologist and try to solve all of your people's problems, but it has to be MORE than a business if you want to build a huge group and retain people. I've always felt better after meeting with someone over coffee or over a phone call to encourage them or thank them for doing a great job.

Remember, there are several thing you need to master in order to have major success in your Vemma business, but STAYING motivated long enough to succeed is very important and something you should work on daily.


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