Visalus Training – One Simple Tip That Will Enable You To Sponsor More Reps Instantly

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

If you’re serious about growing your Visalus business, then sponsoring more quality distributors is something you’re probably interested in. With that thought in mind, it’s interesting to note that most Visalus distributors go about sponsoring in an ineffective manner. In most cases, distributors usually “verbally vomit” all over their prospects. They attempt to explain everything they know about Visalus, from the company’s history to the science behind the products to the compensation plan, all at once. For some ridiculous reason, they think that by overwhelming their prospects with information they will somehow persuade or convince their prospects to join their business. Needless to say, this approach produces little to no results.

Now, if you’re doing this or having trouble sponsoring new people, here’s what you need to change in your approach. Instead of trying to explain every little detail about the Visalus opportunity to your prospects, you should invest your time and energy into inviting your prospects to events that will expose them to the information. Loosely defined, an event can be a DVD, an online tool, a conference call, 3-way call, a live presentation or really anything besides you. The bottom line is that you want to invite prospects and promote events that will do the explaining for you, and get yourself out of the way. You’ll get significantly better results inviting prospects to events that will expose them to Visalus, as opposed to you trying to explain Visalus to them. And, truth be told, why would you want to take on the entire burden of explaining everything, when you have so many resources at your disposal. Now, you might be saying, “OK, that makes sense for a new person since they don’t know anything. But, I’ve been here for awhile, so that doesn’t pertain to me…” Wrong! Even if you’re a veteran, you still need to fight the urge to explain everything and just invite your prospects to get in front of the information. Remember, your goal isn’t to impress your prospect with how much you know. Your goal is to show them that running a Visalus business is simple and duplicatable.

In this simple article, I’ll expand on the information above and go over two big reasons why trying to explain your Visalus business to prospects is something you should steer away from:

#1.  It Scares Your Prospects Off – When you’re talking to someone about your Visalus business, two of the biggest thoughts that are going on in your prospect’s minds are “Can I Do This?” and “Is This Simple?”.  By going into an extremely detailed explanation of Visalus’s background, Visalus products and every minute detail about the compensation plan, you’re indirectly planting a seed in your prospect’s mind that they can not do it and it’s not simple at all. Understand, I’m not telling you that you should not be able to explain your business. However, what I am saying is to keep it super simple and duplicatable. By simply inviting your prospect to the next event (sizzle call, webinar, home presentation, 3-way call, etc.), your showing your prospect that you’re building your business doing something they, or anybody for that matter, can do, which is to just invite. By keeping it simple, you’ll indirectly alleviate and remove a lot of their concerns and objections.

#2.  Explaining Every Little Detail Isn’t Duplicatable – It’s much easier to teach a new distributor how to invite someone to the next conference call or webinar, than it is to teach them how to explain everything about Visalus. Explaining everything requires some selling techniques, which may be something your new distributor is afraid to do. However, inviting is something they have probably done many times in their life. Always keep in mind, not everyone can sell… However, everyone can invite!

If you’re dead serious about sponsoring new distributors and exploding your Visalus business, keep the sponsoring and exposure process extremely simple and duplicatable, by focusing on inviting rather than explaining. If you can fight the urge to verbally vomit on everyone you come across, you’ll have a much better chance at exploding your business.

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