Want To Sponsor More Bellamora Reps? Then STOP Explaining Everything

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

If you’re serious about building your Bellamora business, then sponsoring more distributors is something you need to be focused on.  However, in my opinion, the vast majority of new Bellamora distributors go about sponsoring in an ineffective manner. In most cases, they’ll try to overwhelm their prospects with information and try to explain everything they know about the company, products and compensation plan all at once.

Why do they do this?

For one, because they’re excited about their opportunity. While this is not a bad thing, it always produces minimal to no results. Another reason they do this is they think by overwhelming someone with information will somehow convince them of joining. Understand, giving too much information and throwing the kitchen sink at someone does NOT make them want to join. In fact, all it does is make you look desperate and needy, resulting in you having no posture whatsoever. And when you don’t have any posture, you will sponsor no one.

It’s for these reasons that I believe that EXPLAINING your Bellamora business is not what you should waste a lot of your time on. Instead, you need to invest your time INVITING people to tools and resources that will do most of the heavy-lifting for you. It takes the pressure off you of explaining everything and answering a million questions from your prospects.

In this article, I’ll go over two huge reasons why trying to explain everything about your Bellamora business is something you should stay away from:

#1.  It Scares Your Prospect Off – When you’re talking to someone about your Bellamora business, two of the thoughts that are going on in your prospect’s mind are “Can I Do This?” and “Is This Simple?”.  By going into an extremely detailed explanation of the products and compensation plan, you’re planting a seed in your prospect’s mind that they can not do it and it’s anything but simple. Of course, I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t be able to explain your Bellamora business. However, I am saying to keep it ridiculously simple. By simply piquing interest and inviting your prospect to a tool, website, event, webinar, 3-way call, etc., your showing your prospect that you’re building your Bellamora business doing something they can do, which is simply inviting people. If your prospect is thinking, “Wow, this isn’t hard at all.”, you’ve eliminated a good portion of their questions, concerns and objections.

#2.  It’s Not Something Your Team Can Easily Duplicate – The reality is it’s easier to teach a new distributor how to invite someone to a toll or event, than it is to teach them how to explain everything there is to know about the products and compensation plan. Explaining every detail to someone requires selling-skills which is something most of your distributors do not have. However, inviting people is something they’ve probably done thousands of time. Remember, not everyone can sell… but everyone can invite!

In closing, if you want to start sponsoring more people, keep the process simple and extremely duplicatable. Stop trying to explain everything and “recruit” people and get in the INVITING BUSINESS! Remember, nobody “recruited” you. Someone invited you to take a look at Bellamora through a website, conference call, webinar, presentation, etc., and you sat there and said, “This makes sense…” If you simply make this little adjustment in your business, I guarantee that you will take your Bellamora business to the next level.

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