Wealth Masters International – Don’t Join Wealth Masters Until You Read This Third Party Review!


So you’re looking to joinWealth Masters Internationalbut you’re doing some good old fashioned due diligence before you shell out your money to your sponsor. If that’s the case, I want to encourage you to take some time to read every word in this uncensored third party Wealth Masters International review. In this review I’ll reveal some essential information that will help you make a more educated decision about the company and the actual business opportunity. Before proceeding, I want to disclose that I am not affiliated with Wealth Masters whatsoever so you can be sure that you will be getting an unbiased review of the company.

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Who Is Wealth Masters International And What Do They Sell?

If you’re seriously thinking about joining the company, it’s smart to start your research on the actual company before looking at how much money you can make in the compensation plan. Why? Because if the company is not structured to last long term then you won’t be able to make money long term.

Wealth Masters International is a network marketing, or direct sales, company that sells private training memberships to retail customers. These private trainings are provided to members every month and encompass various topics including tax strategies, credit restoration, debt reduction, health and wellness, personal development and wealth creation. Weekly training webinars are also provided to higher level mambers. The company itself is based out of Sugar Land, Texas and was founded by Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey in 2005, both of whom have decorated backgrounds in direct sales and traditional business. Herriage spent more than a decade on Wall Street where he managed millions of dollars for wealthy individuals. While Bessey did not have the experience Herriage had on Wall Street, he cut his teeth in the network marketing industry and became a top producer for a very popular company. In addition to the founders, the company looks like they have a solid management team that is equipped to take the company into the future. The fact that Wealth Masters has been around for more than 6 years is a good indication of it’s stability since the overwhelming majority of network marketing companies do not make it past their 5th year in business.

How Do You Make Money In Wealth Masters International?

Wealth Masters International1 Wealth Masters International   Don’t Join Wealth Masters Until You Read This Third Party Review!

Wealth Masters

Wealth Masters is considered to be a ‘top-tier’ company that markets a high-ticket product. The actual compensation plan pays out three ways including weekly commissions paid on your personal sales, monthly commissions paid on your team’s sales on up to 5 levels below you and quarterly bonus pool payouts.

It’s important to note that because Weal Masters is a ‘top-tier’ company, the start up costs to join are high compared to traditional network marketing companies. For example, while the average traditional network marketing company has a start-up cost ranging from $49 to $999, Wealth Masters start-up cost (and retail membership cost) ranges from $1,995 all the way up to $19,995. With that said, the commissions that can be earned are significantly higher also. Depending on what membership you personally sell, you can make between $1,000 to $9,000 on one sale.

In theory you might be thinking that with a pricier start up cost, you may not be able to sell as many memberships compared to if the price was lower. However, how many sales do you really need to make a month to make ‘big money’ if you made a couple of thousand dollars in commissions per sale?

Should You Join Wealth Masters International?

In closing, Wealth Masters is a very credible company with a potentially lucrative business opportunity. The information and training provided in the private memberships are valuable and there is a need for it. With that said, becoming successful will take much more than having a credible company, valuable product and generous compensation plan. While it’s obvious that having those things in place are beneficial, your success will really depend on your ability tosponsor new members into your business and selling memberships to retail customers. And those two critical things are going to be dependent on your ability to brand yourself, market your business the right way and generate leads. If you can’t do those three things well, you will have little to no chances of success. However, if you can incorporate Attraction Marketing so you can accomplish those things, you can very well be on your way to building a prosperous and profitable Wealth Masters home business.

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