Why Every Online Marketer Needs A Funded Proposal


In the world of online marketing, there sure do seem to be a lot of different strategies, techniques, and tools that you can put to use to generate leads and grow your business. It can be difficult to sort through those options and find the ones you want, or even need, to implement right away in order to enjoy the maximum benefits possible. Perhaps one of the greatest strategies that you can put to use in your efforts, though, is the funded proposal.

What Is A Funded Proposal?

If you are not familiar with the term “funded proposal” and you are an online marketing professional, you need to be. So what is this? A funded proposal essentially is a free giveaway product that offers some sort of valuable purpose to your potential clients. It may be a free DVD, a report or access to an online video that offers some valuable tip or training. This free product then goes on to sell a rather inexpensive item such as another more detailed DVD or ebook. It’s also common for a funded proposal to be an inexpensive, but full-blown, product or system.

What Does A Funded Proposal Do?

funded proposal does a few different things for you. First, it helps to shake out your leads and separate the tire kickers from those who are serious and motivated to accept what you are selling. This tells you very quickly and easily which leads deserve your attention and which don’t. Second, it gives them a small taste of what you have to offer as a sample of what is to come if they do pay for your product or services. Third, through selling another product, you essentially can pay for your marketing efforts. These are clear benefits that every online marketer will not only want to benefit from, but needs to put to use in order to find that next level of success. This is a strategy that helps to separate those who spin their wheels with online marketing from those who find that extra level of success in their efforts.

Funded Proposals For Every Type of Business

The fact is that a funded proposal can be used for every type of online marketing business out there. You do want to put some thought into what product you offer for free and what inexpensive product your first product is trying to sell. It often will take up some of your resources to develop those two products, but you may find that when you do take this step, you will have a great lead generation system that allows you to quickly identify those qualified leads as well as a method for paying for your marketing efforts, too.

Is Having A Good Funded Proposal The Key Step You’re Missing?

As you can see, it makes clear sense to include a funded proposal in your marketing efforts. You will definitely want to take a closer look at how to execute this strategy in your own efforts and spend time developing the products you plan to give away and sell with this strategy, too. This may just be the most critical aspect of your strategy and a key stepping stone for success.

Here’s A List Of Some Of The Best Funded Proposals I Use:
Empower Network
My Lead System Pro
Maximum Leverage
Magnetic Sponsoring

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