Call MD Plus Review - Why Are Leaders Joining?

There's a new MLM on the block with a very interesting business model and compensation plan that I wanted to let you know about today. In this Call MD Plus Review, I'll outline all of the pertinent facts for you so you can decide if it's a company you'd like to partner with.

Call MD Plus Review: Company Overview


Call MD Plus is not a scam. They are the network marketing arm of 6 year old company named "Call MD", a telemedicine company. Telemedicine is an emerging industry according to Yale University and basically provides customers with a medical concierge desk. What this means is that subscribers have access to trained medical nurses and doctors to diagnose their medical condition. It's a fact that the majority of medical issues can be successfully diagnosed over the phone, saving money on doctor's office and emergency room visits. Prescriptions can be written by the participating doctors. The business model is unique and basically takes PrePaid Legal's model to the healthcare industry. We all know that healthcare in the US is a mess and Call MD Plus is positioned to help. The Chairman of Call MD Plus is Rowland Hanson, who has a track record of major successes in business which bodes very well for the company and their longevity. From a network marketing standpoint, since most start-ups fail within their first 3 years, the fact that Call MD has been in business for 6 years already is a major positive.

Call MD Plus Review: How Do You Make Money?


This is where the rubber always meets the road in my opinion, and Call MD Plus doesn't disappoint. It's a coded bonus unilevel comp plan that pays good upfront commissions in addition to residuals. You can take a look at the entire compensation plan here: CallMD Plus Compensation Plan. Bottom line, my experience has shown that you need to have good size fast-start bonuses to help cover monthly auto-ship costs and curb attrition. Then, the coded bonus program is where the really big money will be made (similar to Numis Network).

Call MD Plus Review Summary


Not everyone likes start-ups, but I do as I believe they present a greater opportunity for massive success for the average person. The fact that Call MD Plus is an MLM start-up but not a true start-up makes it tremendously appealing for anyone willing to take the "risk". Now, we're all entrepreneurs which entails risk taking to begin with so I don't personally see the "start-up" aspect as a risk. Call MD Plus is definitely a business worth taking a look at. Now, to be successful with any MLM and Call MD Plus is no different, you will need to recruit other people to make money. You will get paid both for customers or distributors you bring in to the business but you will need to market. If you are willing to learn how to market your business (training and support is provided), the opportunity with Call MD Plus and MLM in general is limitless.

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