SEO Tip: Test, Track, and Test, Track Some More


Test, Track, and Test, Track Some More


SEO is a very complicated endeavor. It has so many aspects that it's too easy to get yourself lost in it. People harbor a lot of wrong assumptions and misconceptions when it comes to SEO. Some think that you need to have a degree in some computer-related course to be able to practice it. The truth is anyone who knows how to click on a mouse or type on a keyboard can learn to do SEO. This does not necessarily mean though that it is simple to do. There is a reason why only a few people are allowed to do SEO. Anybody can do it but only a few can do it using the right strategies. Skill is the keyword here. Knowledge about how the search engines work is not enough. You must have the skills to take advantage and tap that SEO knowledge.


One of the mistakes that a lot of SEO practitioners make is that they never test and track their activities. They just keep on optimizing things without tracking and measuring their results. If you do this, there is a good chance that you are wasting a lot of time and resources on SEO tactics that are not getting you any results. How are you supposed to know if what you're doing is worth it if you don't track your results. SEO isn't just about “doing”, it's more on “analyzing” things. You can't just build links then leave them there. You have to track those links and determine if they're passing link juice or if they're helping your site's search engine rankings. The general rule is this – you implement the SEO technique, you test it, then you track it. Then you do the process all over again. If after some time, you notice that a technique isn't working, you can just scrap it so you can focus on techniques that are bringing you real results. The main goal of testing and tracking is to determine the SEO tactics that are helpful and those that are worthless.


There are a lot of SEO tools and resources online that you can use to track your SEO activities. Of course, some of these are free and some require some sort of investment from you. Whichever route you take, it's still important that you test and track all of your SEO efforts. There are also software packages out there that can help you with the testing and tracking process. Some of these packages can even automate the whole tracking process. Be very careful though when purchasing these things. Read a lot of reviews first before you hand over your hard-earned cash. If you are too busy and you don't have the time to test and track your SEO activities yourself, you can always outsource the process to SEO firms or individual practitioners.


You should also understand that testing and tracking is often more difficult and time-consuming than the SEO process itself. Furthermore, you must have exceptional data analysis skills to be able to understand the results and information you gather from the testing and tracking process.

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