Stable Network Marketing Companies are Available in Canada


Looking for MLM Canada opportunities?
There are hundreds of MLM companies in Canada. Here is a shortcut to helping you find them.
Below you'll find a link to a short list of 75+ mlm companies in Canada. What you'll find is most have registered in the United States first and have expanded into Canada. Very few companies actually originate from Canada. The challenge is finding a comprehensive listing.
Apparently no one has bothered to put together a complete list of the MLM companies open in Canada. We searched but found only bits and pieces. So, unfortunately, you will have a bit of research to do. Here are links to the best online resources we were able to find.
Canadian-Based MLM - The CMA Org
Marketing Facts 2011 is a comprehensive report offered by the Canadian Marketing Association (the CMA). Network marketing is a sub-set of the direct marketing industry in general. This report offers a view of both. Information from thirty public and private resources were used to compile this report.
This report is perhaps best suited for individuals looking to start a new distributor company or for those interested in discovering how best to position their products or services within the market place. If you are a CMA member in good standing, you can secure a summary report of only $250. Not a member of the Canadian Marketing Association? No worries. You can buy a copy for only $625.
Best Canadian-Based Companies - Home Party Opportunites
A private site,, offers links to a few distributors actively promoting MLM Canada home party plans. They also offer advertising opportunities.
A few well-respected examples of home party plan MLM companies in Canada include the Avon, Mary Kay and Heritage Makers. There are also candle plans, art, jewelry, skin care and other cosmetic lines.
Well-Known MLM Canada - the DSA
The DSA, (Direct Sellers Association) offers direct links to over 75 member MLM companies in Canada. This is the most in depth directory we could find.
The DSA site offers a nice compliment of news, industry stats and other valuable information in addition to their membership directory list - free to anyone searching online.
Canadian MLM - Building a Profitable Business Easy
It doesn't really matter too much which MLM company in Canada you select to start a home business. The rubber really meets the road when you decide exactly what you intend to do with this new opportunity.
Sales and marketing is where all the big money is made in this business. Ask any well-known mlm heavy hitter who has reached a solid six-figure or even multiple six-figure income why they are so successful and the answer will in some way, shape or form lead your directly back to marketing.
Because product must move before any one get paid and marketing is what moves products.
Big businesses always operated from a very specific, well-documented marketing plan. Perhaps you should create one as well. But first, start by approaching your warm market. These are the people who know you, like you and trust you (to some degree). While you work through this resource, however, consider what you will do next. What's the next step in the plan?
How do you intend to get your opportunity in front of new people on a consistent basis over an extended period of time?
Perhaps one of the most powerful ways to build a "mlm canada" business is to combine the world-wide reach of the internet with the power of direct response marketing and various attraction marketing methods. Done properly, a good attraction marketing system will provide you with a new stream of highly interested prospect every day on complete autopilot.
Ready to start creating wealth on the fast track? Here is the system we recommend to help you get started promoting your new MLM Canada opportunity today.

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