Attraction Marketing - Using It In Your Network Marketing Business

Since you are already in network marketing or an online home-based business, you know how hard it can be to find leads/prospects/customers/clients, whatever name you want to put on them, for your Network Marketing business.  The main problem is finding people who are actually interested in whatever it is that you provide.  If you've been lucky enough to find people who seem interested in Network Marketing , you've probably driven away your fair share of them because they shrank away from 'the sales pitch'.  Network Marketing is one of the few industries where a true salesperson will actually do worse than everyone else.  In Network Marketing, no one wants to be 'sold' to.  This is where the new age of Attraction Marketing comes in.

Gone are the days of working really hard to get good at your scripts and pounding on doors and pounding the pavement and making endless phone calls to uninterested people.  Many people have become rich doing this and are still selling these techniques as the way to succeed in network marketing.  The problem is that these are 'old-school', outdated techniques being sold by people who haven't kept up with the times.  Attraction Marketing is great news for the people out there 'who could never be in sales'. 

The point to all of this is that times have changed and there is a better way - Attraction Marketing.  The basics of Attraction Marketing, simply put, is don't chase people, have people come to you.  If you position yourself as a leader and provide value, people will find you.  When they come to you, they learn more about you through the value and information that you provide them with.  You're no longer a stranger trying to sell them something.  They have already started to accept and trust you and therefore, are much more open to your Network Marketing opportunity.  You never sell your opportunity.  You provide information to people who are already interested and then let them decide for themselves.

If you've been driving people away, or you feel like you've been failing miserably in Network Marketing, Attraction Marketing is a way for you to turn things around.

This is obviously only a very brief overview of Attraction Marketing to introduce you to the concept.  I'll do more articles on this in the future.  In the meantime, there are tons of places where you can get more information.  I recommend going to the source - Mike Dillard.  He changed the face of network marketing forever with his material. 

You can get Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring and a ton of other great resources on how to explode your Network Marketing business at:

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