Is There One Secret To Unlimited MLM Prosperity?

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If you have been online for any amount of time, then you have probably run across a person or two who have offered you the "secret" to success in your MLM business.  When I hopped online with my business about 10 months ago, I was perplexed trying to figure out all the "secrets". 

What ended up happening was I wasted a lot of time at first trying to put the pieces together and find out if someone knew something I didn’t.  I eventually started looking at what people we're doing instead of what people we're saying, and I was able to dissect the whole online MLM marketing game into a few simple variables.

There are really only two things people are going to be marketing to you online in the MLM industry, and instead of anyone wasting any more time trying to figure out what everything means, let me brake this down for you very simple (just the way I like to keep things).

The first thing you will find being marketed to you is actual MLM business opportunities.  Point blank.  Sometimes this can be done blatantly, sometimes this can be done creatively, but however it is delivered, this is the first thing you will see. 

The second thing you will see is different training, mentoring and systems.  This is where most people get caught up in all the smoke.  People waste a lot of time and money chasing something that has been available to them the whole time.  What do I mean available the whole time?  I mean the "secret" to succeeding in MLM, whether it is online or offline is consistency and action. 

So is there a real “secret” to success in MLM?  Well I would not call it a secret.  I would more so call it a winning combination.  Those who are combining a good primary company with the power of a marketing system are making more money and attracting more people to their business.  And what is the power of combining the two.  The power lies in the attraction of positioning yourself as an expert to your prospects.  This removes the prospects mindset of thinking you are trying to recruit them into your business.  The second power element is that anyone with a right mind would rather join someone who can teach them how to market a business and provide them with direction and training.

Just think about the power of having a great primary company and knowing you can show current and potential team members a simple blueprint and marketing game plan to follow and educate them on marketing, plus empower them to create multiple streams of income through other network marketing products (affiliates).

We are in a new generation of MLM.  This is not to say that “Old School” is dead, but “New School” is here and in full effect, and in order to be successful in any business now days you must be creative, stay ahead of the trends and offer more than your competition.  If you’re just another “Me Too” marketer, don’t be surprised when your checks are less than your monthly auto-ship!


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