Liberty Freedom Network Secrets Revealed

This review of Liberty Freedom Network is written solely for the reps that are struggling to get a fast start and/or struggling with sponsoring people into their business.  One of the main things for Liberty Freedom Network reps to understand is that mastering the craft of “marketing” is the only way they are going to truly soar with Liberty.

Unfortunately, 99% of Liberty reps will never get any real marketing training.  This is not just a fact with Liberty; this is true with most every network marketing company.  New recruits into the business will be told to do the same things over and over again.  Those things include, but are not limited to: make a list of your friends and family, make a list of people that have cell phones, go to home and hotel meeting and attend every Super Saturday training, no matter how far away you live.

If these sound familiar, I have some vital information that will change the way you view your Liberty Freedom Network business.

Let start by saying, the rules that have applied to the network marketing industry for the past 50 years are gone.  The businesses built and residual incomes earned by implementing traditional network marketing strategies no longer apply.  Liberty reps will do all the things listed above with very little success and wonder why they are struggling to make any real money; after all, they are doing what their leaders and upline are telling them to do.

The fact is, as a Liberty rep, you can build a huge downline by cold calling all the people you’ve known in your life and attending every super Saturday and hotel event.  Unfortunately, only 1% will achieve results doing this.  The other 99% end up in a vicious cycle of putting in a lot of effort with no real results; almost like a hamster running in a wheel not getting anywhere.

See, the products that will make you the most money, such as the Wow Mobile, division don’t require a testimonial or a demonstration.  They don’t require you to attend a hotel or home meeting to explain the marketability of the product.  Everyone has and uses cell phones.  Your job is to expose the opportunity to as many people as possible. 

The traditional marketing methods such as hotel meetings, cold calling, car banners, yard signs, beating the pavement, hanging out in coffee shops and harassing every friend you’ve know since the third grade are not truly viable marketing strategies.

The object is to get as many people in front of the opportunity as possible, and doing the things mentioned above will not achieve the mass exposure that 99% of reps need to have achieve any real results.

We are in the age of technology. Times have changed.  Master marketers have figured out a way to achieve this viral, massive exposure without ever talking to one friend or family member, or riding the emotional roller coaster of wondering if anyone will show up to a home meeting.

Master marketers have implemented a certain set of marketing principals that 99% of network marketers will never figure out.  This 99% will go on to spend more money in the business than they ever make and become one of those “it’s a scam” statistics. 

With the present state of the economy and with so many people looking for a viable income opportunity, the potential to sponsor 50 reps into a great network marketing company like Liberty Freedom Network is high.

Liberty Freedom Network reps are dying for real marketing training.  They need leads.  They need more sign ups.  They need more cash flow. AND THEY NEED TO BE SHOWN HOW TO DO THIS - ALL FROM THE INTERNET!

In this age of technology, master network marketers are using the internet to generate an endless stream of leads and dominate their companies’ leader boards with marketing techniques most reps are never shown.

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David Sharpe
Attraction Marketing Expert And Coach

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