What The Wow Mobile Mall Doesnt Want You To Know


From The Office Of David Sharpe, Attraction Marketing Expert


So, you’re all set up with your Wow Mobile business and ready to make things happen?  Excellent!  Now, I have some really good news and some really bad news to tell you.

Let’s start with the good news.  Wow Mobile, who is a division of the Liberty Freedom Network is a strong network marketing company with a viable product that almost everyone has and uses, and a beautiful marketing plan: Refer 3, Get It Free.  Not only does this strategy give people the ability to get free phone service, but to make money doing so thanks to a very generous compensation plan.

Now that we have established that, I should give you the bad news.  The fact that Wow Mobile has a great product and compensation plan doesn’t change the raw facts and statistics that have plagued the network marketing industry for 50 years. 

Here are the facts and statistics:

  • 95% of people will never sponsor more than three people into their Wow mobile business
  • The average life span for a Wow Mobile rep will be about three months
  • Wow Mobile reps will spend more money on the business than they will ever make
  • 99% of Wow Mobile reps will never receive any real marketing training from their sponsor or upline


All network marketers will be told the same things when they begin to promote their business (I’m sure these sound familiar):

  • Make a list of a hundred people that you know – go as far back as you can remember - and call, e-mail, tell and sell the fact that you have a great business opportunity.
  • Make another list of people that you know who have Android or Smart Phones.
  • Then, invite these people, trying to get them to take time away from their family and daily lives, to some home meeting or hotel meeting to take a look at this GREAT opportunity!

Eventually, these same reps that were so excited about the opportunity to get free cell service for themselves and all their friends and family  never sponsor a soul.  They can hardly get anyone they invite to even show up to a meeting!

Why is that?  Successful network marketers have figured out a few things that have allowed them to sponsor new recruits at will, generate 30-50 leads a day and create five-figure and six-figure months, all on auto pilot.  The problem doesn’t lie in the company.  Wow Mobile is a great business.  The problem doesn’t lie in the people.  The people are great people.

Let’s break down the meaning behind the business we’re in: networking is the act of cultivating productive relationships for your business. You can network with your friends, family, and acquaintances, but more importantly, with other business professionals and potential customers. Marketing is the process of promoting and selling your product or service. This is contingent upon your ability to successfully promote your product in the most efficient and effective way, and in this case, duplicate your efforts so your team members can do the same.

How are the master marketers creating extreme downlines and generating 50 strong leads a day? Leads that will turn into real customers? Downlines with too many people to count?


Successful network marketers are leveraging the power of the internet to launch their business into the 3rd dimension.  And guess what?  These are ordinary people; people who were struggling, just like 95% of network marketers, before they started using these marketing techniques.

The simplicity of the techniques that top network marketers are using will shock you.  These are simple strategies that anyone can use, but unfortunately, that most will never learn.

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